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Graduate Student



(August 6

~August 17) 

50.00 USD (50,000 KRW) 

10.00 USD (10,000 KRW) 

80.00 USD (80,000 KRW) 

On-site (August 18~20) 

50.00 USD (50,000 KRW) 

10.00 USD (10,000 KRW) 

80.00 USD (80,000 KRW) 

* Undergraduate students are free!! 

* PAYPAL은 내국인의 경우, 결제가 불가능 합니다. 따라서 다음의 학회 계좌로 입금하여 주시면 됩니다. 

                                     농협 301-0087-4789-71 (사) 한국교육정보미디어연구회

​입금시 성명(소속)으로 보내주시면 확인이 용이합니다. 

When you signed up for the V-story, you can enjoy the V-story open campus. However, you will not be allowed to visit the ICoME 2021 conference yet. 

You need to complete the conference registration. Once you register to the ICoME 2021 with the V-story account (email), we will update your account info for the ICoME 2021 places after August 12th. You will receive a manual on how to enjoy and participate in the conference. 

We are excited to open the V-story for ICoME 2021, the interactive virtual conference.

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