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Keynote Speech

Critical Tools Missing from the Instructional Design Toolkit

Michael H. Molenda

9:30 ~ 10:10 on August 16



Dr. Michael H. Molenda taught in the Department of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University Bloomington, USA from 1972 to 2005. As an associate professor emeritus, he continues to do research and writing. He is a co-author of the first five editions of Instructional Media and the New Technologies of Instruction and co-editor of AECT’s 2008 definition book, Educational Technology: A Definition with Commentary (as well as being author or co-author of five chapters in the book). He has written numerous other encyclopedia articles on educational technology topics. He is currently preparing a book, The Elements of Instruction: Building Blocks of Lesson Design, for Taylor & Francis Publishers.

Invited Lecture on Day 1

Transformation of Education with Technology


Ilju Rha

10:10 ~ 10:40 on August 16

Dr. Rha is currently a professor of Educational Technology at the Dept. of Education since 1990 at the Seoul National University in South Korea. 

He has been taken major leadership in the field of educational technology. Dr. Rha is the chairperson of the KMOOC Planning Committee of the Ministry of Education. 

The educational industry has been transformed several times throughout the human history.  Various social, political, economic, technological and cultural factors have affected transformation in education. In today’s digital age, advanced technologies offer new affordances for every human doings and affair. Such technologies as AIs and big data tools coupled with new network-based delivery formats (e.g., streaming videos and SPATs) bring challenges to the current education system and at the same time open up new horizons for the future educational trajectories. The purpose of this talk is to examine major trends of transformation in the education industry from the historical perspective and draw a full landscape of the future education using the evolution in the music industry as an analogy. 


Invited Lecture on Day 2

Prof. Huang's Pic.JPG

Artificial Intelligent 2.0 and Education



Ronghuai Huang  

9:15 ~ 10:00 on August 17



Dr. Ronghuai Huang is a Professor in Faculty of Education and Dean of Smart Learning Institute in Beijing Normal University, the Director of UNESCO International Rural Educational and Training Centre and the Director of National Engineering Lab for Cyberlearning Intelligent Technology. He has received Chang Jiang Scholar” award in 2017, which is the highest academic award issued to an individual in higher education by the Ministry of Education in China. He has been engaged in the research on educational technology as well as knowledge engineering since 1997. He has accomplished or is working on over 60 key projects financed by the government. His ideas have been widely published, with more than 180 academic papers and over 20 books published both nationally and internationally.  

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