• Emerging technologies for learning and teaching

  • Innovations in educational reform and policy

  • Advancing teacher education and educational training

  • Online and distance learning for all

  • Social network and digital communities

  • Design theories and principles for educational media

  • Others

Paper template


  • You can download the paper template in MS-word format (compatibility format). 

  • The template can be used for concurrent presentation, roundtable, and student poster.  

  • Instructional Memos are embedded in the template. To read the Memos, go to Review menu bar and set All Markup in Tracking. You can check out the template in PDF format too.

MS-word template

Paper template PDF

Summary of paper preparation (Word)

Summary of paper preparation (PDF)

Presentation type
Upload MS Word only

Paper submission

  • Submission due is July 30. Please upload an MS word document only. We may need to edit later.

Guidelines of the student poster


  • Overview

    • The student poster presenter will submit the 2-pages paper by July 30. Additionally, all student presenter should bring their poster to the conference; however, it is not necessary to send the poster. The student presenters display their research poster at the ICoME, and they must be in presence during the session. 


  • Poster design

    • the orientation either in horizontal or . It is large enough to display nearly all elements in the most complex presentations. The presenters can make one-page poster including introduction, methods, result, and discussion. The presenters may bring the prints of PowerPoint slides and place on the foam-board.  verticalThe presenters should bring their posters and can choose


  • Display

    • Each poster will be assigned a number and location in the student poster session. The poster number will also be printed with the presenters' names in the conference program.


  • Sessions

    • High numbers of student posters have been submitted for this year; we would like to divide the student poster session into undergraduate and graduate student groups. The student presentation runs for 2 hours. During the sessions, a group of umpires will evaluate to select the award winners of the young scholar. 


  • Evaluation criteria

    • Clarification of presentation and sound research rationale are among the significant evaluation factors as well as methods and conclusion of the research.




Presentation types


  • Concurrent Presentation: 25 minutes

    • It requires no more than 8-pages length for a full paper format. Applicants of this presentation should submit a one-page submission form. Some presentations may be considered to be published in the International Journal for Educational Media and Technology.


  • Roundtable: 50-minute session

    • It requires no more than 3-pages length for a full paper format. Each session includes multiples tables with the audience. Professionals and students are encouraged to participate for dynamic discussion. Applicants of this presentation should submit a one-page submission form.


  • Student poster: 2-hours session (Young scholar will be awarded)

    • length full paper format. Students are encouraged to participate no more than 2-pagesThe presentation requires to this session. This session requires a printed poster with research result for presentation. Collaborative research with a major professor is welcome, but a student should be a first author. Applicants of this presentation should submit a one-page submission form.


  • Media festival: Showcase (Media developer award will be given)

    • New presentation category of ICoME – Students can participate with their own media application. They may apply for either a printed material or computer-based format track. Teamwork is also recommended, but one person can apply for only one team. Applicants of media festival should submit a proposal application form. No paper submission is required.