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Session Schedule of Day 1

Day 1


ICoME opening

August 16th (Thursday)  AM 9:15~ AM 10:45


9:15~ 9:30 Opening


9:30~10:10 Keynote Speech

Critical Tools Missing from the Instructional Design Toolkit

Michael Molenda (Indiana University Bloomington)


10:10~10:40 Invited Lecture

Transformation of Education with Technology: Lessons Learned from the Music Industry

Ilju Rha (Seoul National University)




Session 1 (Room 102)

August 16th (Thursday)  AM 11:00~ PM 12:30


Analysis of Mobile Device Utilization for Teacher Development- Focus on Primary School Teachers in Bangladesh

Miori Kamidate(Kansai University), Kenichi Kubota(Kansai University)


Student-Centered Learning Framework for Science Narratives

Eunbae Lee(The Catholic University of Korea)


Exploring Creativity Elements That Can Be Identified in Design Thinking Activity

Dohee Kim(Hanyang University), Ahyoung Lee(Hanyang University), Yena Bae(Hanyang University), Milee Ahn(Hanyang University)




Session 1 (Room 104)

August 16th (Thursday)  AM 11:00~ PM 12:30


Analyzing Students’ Reflection on PBL

Kenichi Kubota(Kansai University)


A Study on the Development of Conceptual Framework for Open Learning Platform to Improve Online Higher Educational Learning Environment

Wansoon Che(Hanyang University), Milee Ahn(Hanyang University)


How Do Leading Teachers Perceive Future Education?

Hyeonjin Kim(Korea National University of Education), Eunyoung Kim(Songwon University), Eunsang Lee(Changdeok Girl's Middle School), Bokyung Kye(Korea Education & Research Information Service), Eunhwan Lee(Korea Education & Research Information Service), Hyeonyeong Kim(Korea National University of Education), Gayoung Lee(Korea National University of Education), Bonggyu Lee(Korea National University of Education)




Session 1 (Room 106)

August 16th (Thursday)  AM 11:00~ PM 12:30


Design your own Learning to Become “an Adult”:  A New Book for College Students to Master Instructional Design

Katsuaki Suzuki(Kumamoto University), Noyuri Mima(Future University Hakodate)


What is “Communication”? ―Beyond Shannon & Weaver’s model―

Mayumi Kubota(Kansai University)


Effects of the Self-Directed Learning Coaching Program on the Meta-cognitive and Time Management Ability of Learners

Kyutae Jeon(Soongsil University), Seongwoo Choi(Soongsil University), Pansoo Kim(Soongsil University)




Session 1 (Room 202)

August 16th (Thursday)  AM 11:00~ PM 12:30


How out-of-class activities can enhance Japanese language learning? An exploration of the relationship between out-of-class activities that use media and learners’ motivation

Yiting Lin(LINE Corporation), Kae Nakaya(The University of Tokyo), Yuhei Yamauchi(The University of Tokyo)


Analysis on Learners' Active Involvement in Concepts in Class Using SNS(cancelled)

Kyubok Cho(KERIS)


Light It Up With Line: Increasing Student Participation Using LINE Messaging App

James Balicao(University of Hawaii at Manoa)




Session 1 (Room 203)

August 16th (Thursday)  AM 11:00~ PM 12:30


Analysis of How much Teacher in the Philippines Use ICT in the Class

Arata Torii(Kansai University), Miori Kamidate-Yamaguchi(Kansai University), Kenichi Kubota(Kansai University)


Teachers’ Technology Acceptance in a One-to-One Tablet PC Integration Across Entire Cities: Three-year surveys

Kosuke Terashima(Osaka Kyoiku University), Hitoshi Nakagawa(The Open University of Japan), Masuo Murai(Hokuriku Gakuin University), Yuki Kobayashi(Ibaraki University)




Session 2: Roundtable (Room 103)

August 16th (Thursday)  PM 1:30~ PM 3:15



Building of a Lifelong Ohana – Evaluating usability of an online resource site for LTEC online master’s program students

Kitty Hino(University of Hawaii at Manoa)


Higher Education Faculty Experience in Teaching MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Youxin Zhang(University of Hawaii at Manoa)



Suggestion of a Method to Cultivate the Ability of Reflection

Takaya Komori(Kansai University), Kenichi Kubota(Kansai University)


Development Status of Online Education in China

Chunhua Zhang(Aichi University of Education)


Development of Mobile Dialogue Journal Programs to Improve the Self-Directed Learning Ability for EFL Learners

Yeji Song(Soongsil University)


A Design of Highschool Connectivist Social Studies Jongseon

Lim(Taejang Highschool), Miran Kim(Chungbuk National University)





Session 2: Student Poster (Room 108) - Graduate student session

August 16th (Thursday)  PM 1:30~ PM 3:15


A Study of Training Listeners to Facilitate Mutual Understanding In Class Discussion

Tomomi Kaido(Kansai University), Kenichi Kubota(Kansai University), Hitoshi Nakagawa(The Open University of Japan)


An Empirical Study to Promote Deep Learning by Improving Reading Circle Learning through ICTs

Qihui Hu(Tokyo Gakugei University), Yoichi Nonaka(Yokohama National University)


Determining Qualifications for Club Activities Instructors

Kengo Kakiwaki(Kansai University)


Programming Education -From Visual Programming shift to Code-based Programming

Shifan Hu(Aichi University of Education), Hironari Nozaki(Aichi University of Education), Chunhua Zhang(Aichi University of Education)


Reconceptualization of Education Media in an Informal Learning Context ~ Focusing on the Studentsʼ Activity at a Marginal Village

Yoshitaka Kimura(Kansai University), Kenichi Kubota(Kansai University)


Teacher’s Practice and Reflection on International Understanding Lessons: From Study of Integrated Studies at a Japanese Elementary School

Natsuki Watanabe(Kansai University), Kenichi Kubota(Kansai University)


The Role of SNS for Interest Deepening in Amateur Photography in the Digital Era

Kohei Sugiyama(University of Tokyo), Reina Mori(Teikyo University), Yuhei Yamauchi(University of Tokyo)


Emotion Regulation Program

Wanping Yang(Seoul National University), Hyeonjin Lee(Seoul National University)


A Case Study of the Educational Contents Development in the Fisheries and Marine High School for Smart Education: Focus on the Content of 'Understanding of the Ocean'

Soonan Hyun(Pukyong National University), Gyun Heo(Pukyong National University)


A Model of Future-oriented K-librarian Training Program: Inspiring Future Vision of Library and Motivating Librarians to Implement a Maker Space

Yunji Kong(Seoul National University)


Exploring Nonverbal Behavior Interactions of Virtual Problem Student Avatar Using Eye-Tracking in Virtual Teaching Simulation

Kukhyeon Kim(Chonnam National University), Sun Kim(Chonnam National University)






Session 2: Student Poster (Room 109) - Graduate student session

August 16th (Thursday)  PM 1:30~ PM 3:15


Effects of the Attitude of Parents in Children's Learning Attitude

Kyosuke Nakagawa(Kansai University), Haruo Kurokami(Kansai University)


Effects of Using Thinking Tools: Using of X-chart on Essay

Kiho Taniguchi(Kansai University), Haruo Kurokami(Kansai University)


Intercultural Encounters of a Chinese Teenager with a Family Visa in Japan

 Yuxiao Liu(Kansai University), Mayumi Kubota(Kansai University)


How increasing foreign student identity Using ICT educational material and system

Hiroki Utsunomiya(Kansai University)


Teacher's Practice and Reflection International Understanding Lesson: A Case Study of Integrated Studies at a Japanese Elementary School

Natsuki Watanabe(Kansai University), Kenichi Kubota(Kansai University)


Using Thinking Tool in Collaborative Learning

Takahiro Ideda(Kansai University), Haruo Kurokami(Kansai University)


Verifying the Effects of Active Learning Patterns on Knowledge and Motivation for Active Learning

Naoto Ikeda(Kansai University), Haruo Kurokami(Kansai University)


Development of an educational program to improve the competency of librarians for designing and implementing a library maker space

Jiyeon Lee(Seoul National University), Jeonghyun Park(Seoul National University), Sejin Park(Seoul National University)


Development of the VR Classroom Simulation for Response of Student Problem in Collaborative Learning

Eunbyul Yang(Chonnam National University)


Effects of User Operation on the Sense of Reality in Virtual Reality with Roomscaling

Haalyn Choi(Chonnam National University), Museok Jeong(Chonnam National University), Heesu Yoon(Chonnam National University)


Designing and Evaluating Game-based Learning to Encourage High School Students to Organize Historical Knowledge in Relation to Substantive Concepts

Hiroaki Aikawa(Tokyo Metropolitan Ogikubo high school), Ryohei Ikejiri (The University of Tokyo)


Study of students learning who experienced TA in Active Learning class

Yao Ke(Kansai University), Kenichi Kubota(Kansai University)





Session 3 (Room 102)

August 16th (Thursday)  PM 3:30~ PM 5:15


Career Services for International Students of English Taught Programs in Japanese Universities

Nobuaki Sakai(Nagoya University)


Reflections among Chinese Primary Teachers When Using Thinking Tools

Xiaohong Zhang(Kansai University), Kenichi Kubota(Kansai University), Mayumi Kubota(Kansai University)


Designing A PBL Teacher Training Program For The Development Of TPACK Competencies Of Primary School Science Teachers In Urban Areas Of Uganda

Pearl Ingrid Mugala(KyungHee University), Inae Kang(KyungHee University)


Effects of the SMMIS Model-based Self-Directed Learning Program on Elementary School Students’ Personality, Cognitive Regulation and Behavior Regulation Ability

Dahyun Lee(Soongsil University), Seongwoo Choi(Soongsil University), Pansoo Kim(Soongsil University)





Session 3 (Room 104)

August 16th (Thursday)  PM 3:30~ PM 5:15


Investigation into the Effect of High-Speed Presentations of Educational Visual Content Utilizing Synthetic Speech

Toru Nagahama(Waseda University),  Masahiro Makino(Waseda University), Yusuke Morita(Waseda University)


Instructional Design for Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ): Lessons from Blended Learning

Peter Roux(Kumamoto University), Katsuaki Suzuki(Kumamoto University), Ryuichi Matsuba(Kumamoto University), Yoshiko Goda(Kumamoto University)


Analysis of competency requirements to introduce qualification system for developing e-learning contents

Jongsun Park(Seoul Cyber University)


Case Analysis of Utilizing Key Competency in Korean University

Jieun Yoo(Korea National University of Education), Hyeonjin Kim(Korea National University of Education)





Session 3 (Room 202)

August 16th (Thursday)  PM 3:30~ PM 5:15


An Examination of Human Resources Professionals’ Perception About the Integration of e-Learning in the Workplace

Ken Kiyohara(University of Hawaii at Manoa)


Proposal of a System that Supports Improvement of Lectures in Lesson Study at Teacher Training University

Shin Kurata(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Takashi Fujiki(Nagasaki University), Masao Murota(Tokyo Institute of Technology)


The Effects of Prompts for Constructing Indices in a Failure-Based Case Library

Jongchan Park(Hanyang University), Shinwoo Kim(Hanyang University), Hyojung Jung(Hanyang University), Ji Hoon Song(Hanyang University), Dongsik Kim(Hanyang University)


Promoting Student Engagement with Activity Templates: A Case Study

Jihye Kang(Inha University), Jiyeon Lee (Inha University)




Session 3 (Room 203)

August 16th (Thursday)  PM 3:30~ PM5:15


Categorization of Experiences in Extracurricular Activities that Lead to the Acquisition of Career Resilience

Megumi Ikeda(The University of Tokyo), Wakako Fushikida(Tokyo Metropolita University), Yuhei Yamauchi(The University of Tokyo)


Markdown to Moodle: Converting and Importing Test Items

Julius Garcia(Technological University of the Philippines), Go Frendi Gunawan(STIKI Malang)


Analysis of School Bullying through Social Media: Forms, Student Cognition, and Resolve of School Bullying (cancelled)

Kyubok Cho(Korea Education & Research Information Service)




Session 3: Media Festival (Room 106)

August 16th (Thursday)   PM 3:30~ PM 5:15


Extending the Reach of Professional Development Activities to Faculty Teaching with Technology through Flipped Workshops

Youxin Zhang(University of Hawaii at Manoa), James Callahan(University of Hawaii at Manoa)


Infant Digital Fairy Tale

Minju Kim(Tongmyong University), Myeongeun Jeong(Tongmyong University), Soyeon Park(Tongmyong University), Yumi Lee(Tongmyong University)


360-Degree Movies to Support Fostering Thoughtfulness

Takahiro Abe(Nihon Fukushi University), Min Cho(Chonnam National University), Daisuke Tsuda(Nihon Fukushi University), Maiku Yamasaki(Nihon Fukushi University), Daseul Kim(Chonnam National University)


The Development of LoiLoNote School with Thinking Tools

Ryutaro Sugiyama(LoiLo Inc Co.), Koji Sugiyama(LoiLo Inc Co.), Haruo Kurokami(Kansai University)


Development of Realistic Media Content Based on Collaborative Learning

Haalyn Choi(Chonnam National University), Yipin Huang(Chonnam National University), Chaeyeon Kim(Chonnam National University)


Virtual Reality Media Content Development Based on Scenario-Based Learning

Heesu Yoon(Chonnam National University), Kukhyeon Kim(Chonnam National University), Museok Jeong(Chonnam National University)

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