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Session Schedule of Day 2

Day 2


Invited Lecture

August 17th (Friday) AM 9:15~ AM 10:00


Artificial Intelligent 2.0 and Education

Ronghuai Huang (Beijing Normal University)




Session 4 (Room 102)

August 17th (Friday) AM 10:15~ AM 11:45


Development of Textbooks for Subjects of "Media and Communication (MC) ", Subject for Nurturing Information Literacy

Akinori Kimura(Kyoto University of Education), Haruo Kurokami(Kansai University), Kazuyuki Asai(Kyoto University of Education)


Analysis of Intercultural Sensitivity of the South-Eastern Asians’ Hangeul Learning According to their Visa Status and Stay Duration in Korea

Carolta Smith(Gwangju University), Suna Oh(Gwangju University), Yeonsoon Kim(Gwangju University)


Mentors’ Awareness of Effective Consultation Skills in a Teaching Portfolio Workshop: A Text-mining Approach

Yukari Kato(Nagoya University of Foreign Studies)




Session 4 (Room 104)

August 17th (Friday) AM 10:15~ AM11:45


How Did Learners Use a Digital Badge as a Reflection Tool after Completion of Educational Program?

Kei Amano(Kumamoto University), Toshihiro Kita(Kumamoto University), Shigeki Tsuzuku(Kumamoto University), Katsuaki Suzuki(Kumamoto University), Naoshi Hiraoka(Kumamoto University)


Sometimes More Is Better: Agent Gestures, Procedural Knowledge, and the Foreign Language Learner

Robert Davis(Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Joseph Vincent(Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)




Session 4 (Room 106)

August 17th (Friday) AM 10:15~ AM11:45


Grouping System to Promote Collaborative Historical Analogy

Ryohei Ikejiri(The University of Tokyo), Ryo Yoshikawa(Nagoya Bunri University), Yasunobu Sumikawa(Tokyo Metropolitan University)


A Study on the Application of Machine Learning to Learning Analysis

Yeonhee Kim(Chungbuk National University), Hoseung Paul Byun(Chungbuk National University)


Classroom Models to Improve Educational Environment of Developing Countries

Yuri Kim(Korea National University of Education), Hyeonyeong Kim(Korea National University of Education), Hyeonjin Kim(Korea National University of Education)




Session 4 (Room 202)

August 17th (Friday) AM 10:15~ AM 11:45


EBS ‘Clipbank’ Video Selection for Elementary School Flipped Learning

Mijar Lee(Gwangju National University of Education)


Digital Literacy and Newly Created Activities with VR Contents

Makiko Kishi(Meiji University)


Study on Changes of Physio-psychological Reactions According to User's Emotional Response to Virtual Characters

Dongyeon Choi(Dankook University),  Minjeong Kim(Dankook University), Jeeheon Ryu(Chonnam National University)




Session 4 (Room 203)

August 17th (Friday) AM 10:15~ AM 11:45


Measuring Quality of Teaching in Secondary Education of South Korea

Okhwa Lee(Chungbuk National University), Soonsun Jang(Chungbuk National University)


Patterns of Interaction Emerging Creativity: A Case Study of a Communication on SNS in the EV Design Contest

Ryota Yamamoto(The University of Tokyo), Ryohei Ikejiri(The University of Tokyo), Yuhei Yamauchi(The University of Tokyo)


Social Network-Based Behavioral Data Analysis Modeling Affecting Infant Development

Joonhee Maeng(ChungNam National University), Jeongkyoum Kim(ChungNam National University)




Session 5: Media Festival (Room 103) - same as Day 1

August 17th (Friday) PM 1:00~ PM 2:15


Extending the Reach of Professional Development Activities to Faculty Teaching with Technology through Flipped Workshops

Youxin Zhang(University of Hawaii at Manoa), James Callahan(University of Hawaii at Manoa)


Infant Digital Fairy Tale

Minju Kim(Tongmyong University), Myeongeun Jeong(Tongmyong University), Soyeon Park(Tongmyong University), Yumi Lee(Tongmyong University)


360-Degree Movies to Support Fostering Thoughtfulness

Takahiro Abe(Nihon Fukushi University), Min Cho(Chonnam National University), Daisuke Tsuda(Nihon Fukushi University), Maiku Yamasaki(Nihon Fukushi University), Daseul Kim(Chonnam National University)


The Development of LoiLoNote School with Thinking Tools

Ryutaro Sugiyama(LoiLo Inc Co.), Koji Sugiyama(LoiLo Inc Co.), Haruo Kurokami(Kansai University)


Development of Realistic Media Content Based on Collaborative Learning

Haalyn Choi(Chonnam National University), Yipin Huang(Chonnam National University), Chaeyeon Kim(Chonnam National University)


Virtual Reality Media Content Development Based on Scenario-Based Learning

Heesu Yoon(Chonnam National University), Kukhyeon Kim(Chonnam National University), Museok Jeong(Chonnam National University)




Session 5: Student Poster (Room 108) - undergraduate student session

August 17th (Friday) PM 1:00~ PM 2:15


Learning Culture through Online Communication A Case Study of an Intercultural Exchange Program between Turkey and Japan

Issei Tsuruta(Meiji University), Shota Hirai(Meiji University), Keita Sino(Meiji University), Rieto Yokoyama(Meiji University)


The Use of Social Media for Educational Purposes in Japanese and Chinese students

Toshiki Matsuda(Nihon Fukushi University), Yating Zhen(Wenzhou University), Sho Ichikawa(Nihon Fukushi University), Hongyu Chen(Wenzhou University)


Developing Collaborative Working Relation through Computer-Mediated Communication

Kanna Harada(Meiji University),  Yui Semba(Meiji University), Makiko Kishi(Meiji University)


Communication Rule Using an Avatar Robot in Special Needs Education

Ahyoung Seo(Meiji University), Makiko Kishi(Meiji University), Rui Jin(Meiji University)


Influence of Dam on Satoyama

Niki Takuma(Kansai University), Masaharu Katsuragi(Kansai University), Ririco Hayashi(Kansai University)


Important Factors for an Effective Implementation of Students' Planned Activities

Marin Kawase(Nihon Fukushi University), Risa Takimura(Nihon Fukushi University)


Assessing In-service ICT Training in the Philippines

Jumpei Hayashi(Kansai University), Naoko Hasegawa(Kansai University), Arata Torii(Kansai University), Moiri Yamaguchi Kamidate(Kansai University)


Usability Evaluation of Parents Counseling Simulation and Application to Japan

Museok Jeong(Chonnam National University), Ayaka Ikuji(Nihon Fukushi University), Chaeyeon Kim(Chonnam National University), Teru Umeda(Nihon Fukushi University), Jota Koga(Nihon Fukushi University)


Reflecting, Researching, and Reimagining the Classroom Space Design

Daun Park(The Catholic University of Korea), Inseung Choi(The Catholic University of Korea), Hyoju Lee(The Catholic University of Korea), Eunbae Lee(The Catholic University of Korea)




Session 5: Student Poster (Room 109) - undergraduate student session

August 17th (Friday) PM 1:00~ PM 2:15


Using Media to Promote the Self-Regulated Learning of a Language: The experience of students studying abroad

Miho Miyashiro(Meisei University), Yuka Izawa(Meisei University), Akane Oyama(Meisei University), Chisato Ota(Meisei University), Takayuki Konno(Meisei University)


Problem Solving of the Extracurricular Activity in Higher Education: Focusing on ICT Usage of Undergraduate Students Sustaining International Volunteer Activity

Saito Shion(Meisei University), Hinano Yamada(Meisei University)Yuka Hayashi(Meisei University), Daichi Takahashi(Meisei University), Takayuki Konno(Meisei University)


A Project for Cultural Exchange of Japanese

Rina Ichikawa(Aichi University of Education), Hironari Nozaki(Aichi University of Education)


The Current State and Problems of Satoyama in Japan

Miho Tanigaki(Kansai University), Kazuki Matsumoto(Kansai University), Yuki Nakano(Kansai University)


To be a Global Minded Person Through Authentic Learning

Naoko Yoshida(Nihon Fukushi University), Wakana Hori(Nihon Fukushi University)


The Past Constructs Ideal Environmental Problem Handling of Present

Nobuyoshi Tease(Kansai University), Maaya Azuma(Kansai University), Takashi Takagi(Kansai University)


Effects of Dam on Nature and Humans

Yuaku Kimura(Kansai University), Juki Douzono(Kansai University)


Changing Student’s Environment Awareness

Ayae Tanaka(Kansai University), Naho Higuchi(Kansai University)


About Korean Funeral

Suhyun Cho(Ewha Womans University), Jinkyung Kim(Ewha Womans University), Jiwon Kim(Ewha Womans University), Jungeun Park(Ewha Womans University)


A Study on the Development of a Collaborative Learning Model for Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Min Cho(Chonnam National University), Gahyun Lee(Chonnam National University), Chaeyeon Kim(Chonnam National University), Younjung Jeong(Chonnam National University)



Session 6 (Room 102)

August 17th (Friday) PM 2:15~ PM 4:00


EDU-Port Japan Enhancement of English Education in Cambodia through ICT

Makoto Kageto(Nihon Fukushi University), Shinichi Sato(Nihon Fukushi University)


Affective Computing in Education: Unpacking Possibilities and Challenges

Hyunjin Park(Ewha Womans University), Jihyang Lee(Ewha Womans University), Hyojeong So(Ewha Womans University)


A Study on the Design Method of Micro Contents for National R&D Researchers

Seohyeon Ji(Korea Institute of Human Resource Development in Science and Technology), Soojin Lim(Cheongju University)




Session 6 (Room 104)

August 17th (Friday) PM 2:15~ PM 4:00


Reflections among Chinese Primary Teachers When Using Thinking Tools

Xiaohong Zhang(Kansai University), Mayumi Kubota(Kansai University), Kenichi Kubota(Kansai University)


Constructionism: A New Way to Teach and Learn in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Hyeeun Lee(Konkuk University), Jieun Lee(Konkuk University), Keol Lim(Konkuk University)


Fostering Computational Thinking and Collaboration Skills in Storytelling-based Primary Robot Programming Classes

Hyungshin Choi(Chuncheon National University of Education)




Session 6 (Room 202)

August 17th (Friday) PM 2:15~ PM 4:00


Activity Theory as a Lens for the Heterogeneous Triad’s Interactions in the Flipped Classroom

Xiaoli Zheng(Wenzhou University), Hoisoo Kim(Chonnam Nationl University), Wenhua Lai(Wenzhou University), Gwojen Hwang(National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)


Self-Assessment of Cognitive Development in the Japanese University Students: Using Perry’s Developmental Model

Yuki Ichimura(Kumamoto University), Katsuaki Suzuki(Kumamoto University), Hiroshi Nakano(Kumamoto University)


Early Childhood Teachers’ Perceptions & Current States  on Community Education Network by Region Type

Heejeon Suh(Tongmyong University)




Session 6 (Room 203)

August 17th (Friday) PM 2:15~ PM 4:00


Localized Educational Quality Control: Institutional Research at CBNU

Giljae Lee(Chungbuk National University), Jicheol Cha(Office of Institution Research and Assessment), Taeyang Park(Office of Institution Research and Assessment), Jiyeon Kang(Office of Institution Research and Assessment), Sookyoung Lee(Korea Local Education Institute), Inho Park(Office of Institution Research and Assessment)


Analyzing Policy Agendas of Local Education Offices: Similarities and Differences

Sookyoung Lee(Korea Local Education Institute), Woochun Jang(Korea Local Education Institute), Minjoo Rah(Chungbuk National University)


Visualizing the Characteristics of High Performing College Students

Jiyeon Kang(Chungbuk National University), Inho Park(Chungbuk National University), Taeyang Park(Chungbuk National University), Minjoo Rah(Chungbuk National University)




Session 7 (Room 102)

August 17th (Friday) PM 4:15~ PM 5:45


Methods for Analyzing the Reading Ability of Children on Social Media

Wakio Oyanagi(Nara University of Education), Tatsuya Horita(Tohoku University)


A Study of Public and Private Innovative Schools in Korea

Ellychansil Park(Seoul National University), Jennifer Lopez(Seoul National University),  Yunji Gong(Seoul National University)


Analyzing University Course Evaluation: Comparison of High and Low Performing Faculty Members

Beomcheol Bak(Seowon University), Sungeun Park(Seowon University), Youri Lee(Chungbuk National University)




Session 7 (Room 104)

August 17th (Friday) PM 4:15~ PM 5:45


Parents' View on Children's Digital Game Use

Jisoo Lim(Dokkyo University)


Transformational Understanding of Causal Relation of Historical Events in Historical Learning Based on State Transition

Keitaro Tokutake(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Tomoko Kojiro(Kansai University), Daichi Uratsuji(Kansai University), Masao Murota(Kansai University)


Exploratory Study on AI-Based Teaching-Learning Material’s Development Factors

Kiduck Kim(Chugnam National University), Jeongkyoun Kim(Chugnam National University), Jiyoung Ham(Chugnam National University)




Session 7 (Room 202)

August 17th (Friday) PM 4:15~ PM 5:45


Design Principles of Learning Space for Learner-centered Learning: Focus on Affordance

Seonga Lee(Keimyung University), Heemyeong Lee(Keimyung University), Wooyong Eom(Keimyung University)


The Construction and Analysis of Personalized Learner Model in the Context of “Internet Plus”

Linglang Zhao(The Northeast Normal University), Shaochun Zhong(The Northeast Normal University)


Consideration of the Use of 360-degree Movies Recorded in Students’ Fieldworks

Shinichi Sato(Nihon Fukushi University),  Makoto Kageto(Nihon Fukushi University)



Session 7 (Room 203)

August 17th (Friday) PM 4:15~ PM 5:45


A Model of Self-Directed Learning Model toward for Learning Outcome with the Elements of Communication and Media Use

Tomomi Takabayashi(Dokkyo University)


Female Marriage Immigrants’ Situated Learning with Digital Storytelling in the Korean Language Education

Hyeonyeong Kim(Korea National University of Education), Hyeonjin Kim(Korea National University of Education)


Developing of the Play-oriented Classroom Model in Elementary Mathematics ClassesMiyoung

Oh(Sungshin Women's University),  Seakzoon Roh(Sungshin Women's University), Yuaku Kimura(Kansai University),  Juki Douzono(Kansai University)


Changing Student’s Environment Awareness

Ayae Tanaka(Kansai University), Naho Higuchi(Kansai University)

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