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Media Festival


  • Media festival is a new presentation category. It is to encourage the student field experience of design and development of educational media.  


Extending the Reach of Professional Development Activities to Faculty Teaching with Technology through Flipped Workshops


Youxin Zhang (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

James Callahan (University of Hawaii at Manoa) 




Infant Digital Fairy Tale


Kim Minju (Tongmyong University)

Jeong Myeongeun (Tongmyong University)

Park Soyeon (Tongmyong University)

Lee Yumi (Tongmyong University)



360-degree Movies to Support Fostering Thoughtfulness

Takahiro Abe (Nihon Fukushi University)

Min Cho (Chonnam National University)

Daisuke Tsuda (Nihon Fukushi University)

Maiku Yamasaki (Nihon Fukushi University)

Daseul Kim (Chonnam National University)

Note: This team is a collaboration between Korean and Japnese students. 

The Development of LoiLoNote School with Thinking Tools

Ryutaro Sugiyama (LoiLo Inc Co.)

Koji Sugiyama (LoiLo Inc Co.)

Haruo Kurokami  (Kansai University)


Development of Realistic Media Content Based on Collaborative Learning for Global Capacity


Haalyn Choi  (Chonnam National University)

Hung Yipin (Chonnam National University)

Chaeyeon Kim (Chonnam National University)


Virtual Reality Media Content Development based on Scenario-based Learning

Heesu Yoon (Chonnam National University)

Kukhyeon Kim (Chonnam National University)

Museok Jeong (Chonnam National University)



Note: This team is participating in the Media Festival as an honorary participation in celebrating this new presentation category, Media Festival. They will present a media product awarded at the first place in the KAEIM spring conference 2018. 

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